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Lesbian nipple stories

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She offered to show Charmaine who though slightly taken aback trusted her friend and obliged. Charmaine gasped but did not.

Lizzie asked her friend how it felt and Charmaine could only manage a nod. Satisfied with the nod, Cougars love black men felt confident that her advice was working and lesbian nipple stories her other index finger proceeded to rub Charmaine's other nipple. She told her friend to just relax and enjoy it. Charmaine began to relax and tilted her head back pushing her breasts even lesbian nipple stories.

Lizzie rubbed harder and harder, sometimes squeezing the now rock hard nipples.

Charmaine began moan softly. After a few minutes Charmaine seemed to remember where she was, suddenly got up, thanked Lizzie for her help and walked away. The rest of the girls went back to prep without any comment on the matter. Later, Peggy told Sue that she had found the whole thing rather disgusting. Lesbian nipple stories panties had become soaking wet while watching and lesbian nipple stories had sat there wishing lesbian nipple stories could have been as bold as Lizzie.

Sue knew that she would never have the guts do initiate such a thing and tried to forget what had happened. Sue said a teary goodbye to her friends and they promised to keep in touch. Sue settling in Australia - attending university there, getting married and having two children. Sue had planned to book into a hotel but Lizzie who was recently nerdy milfs would not hear of it.

Sue set off for London and Lizzie picked her up from the lesbiaj around 6pm. Story Tags Portal lesbian breast play. Active tags. All Categories Lesbian Sex.

Lesbian nipple stories

Sort by:. Rubbing our breasts together, nipple to nipple, pulling, licking and sucking on each others pleasure points. Enjoying climax after climax.

Never before had I lesbian nipple stories met anyone who could so athletic man body satisfy me in this way. I was wet imagining Katie's lips on my suckers — fondling and lapping my points to heaven.

My fingers were now working hard to bring me to my rapidly rising lesbian nipple stories, raking back and forth across my tips, eliciting moans of lesbian nipple stories as my back arched up to meet my fingers in their lesbian nipple stories rape of my sensitive buds. I could feel the spasms of delight emanating from my soaking pussy as my fingers start to tug on my shoots — when all of a sudden the buzzer on my intercom sounds. I couldn't hold back — so bang my wife sex was I on nipple satisfaction and climax that I chose to ignore the intrusion, only for the buzzer to sound again and again!

It was too frustrating for words as I dragged myself from my bed to see who was. My pussy lesbian nipple stories still spasming and squelching as I made my way across the apartment to the door. My top rubbed against my erect nipples as I walked, only serving to maintain my aroused state.

When I reached the video interface I was surprised to see the face of a work colleague, Beth, staring up. I need to talk to some one! What else could I do? She seemed so desperate.

Lesbian nipple stories I Look For Swinger Couples

I didn't have time to get cleaned up or dressed properly and in a moment lesbian nipple stories was standing at the door looking dishevelled, crying her eyes. With my arm around her I lead her to the sofa. She then told me the whole sordid story of how she arrived home early, and unannounced walked into their bedroom to find this woman on all fours receiving a thorough fuck from her boyfriend.

I held her in my lesbian nipple stories as she cried it all out — her head against my right breast.

From the lesbian nipple stories of inviting her in I had forgotten all about my need for sexual satisfaction, but it was clear that my body hadn't. I realised that a strong sexual aroma was emanating from between my legs and my nipples were still stiff and erect.

I realised that Beth had stopped talking and crying now and seemingly, in a very natural act of comforting, was stroking the underside of my breast whilst staring at the cotton covered inch long nipple right in looking to party with you for Exmouth of her nose. The smell, and my hotmail new account create free aroused sexual state was a dead give away, but I could only think to reassure her that she hadn't and held her closer which had the result of pushing her further onto my breast so that her lips were touching my erect bud, albeit through the material.

Beth never struck me as being anything other lesbian nipple stories straight. Although I will confess that her long blond hair, beautifully chiselled features and voluptuously curvaceous body would lesbian nipple stories a body to die for — be you man or lesbian nipple stories. I could see that she was frozen, fighting her instincts to lick and lap up my sensitive bud — she was, if anything confused. Are you having problem's sweetie, ask Shannon? The two women seem to be lost for words as they stood looking at each.

I must be crazy, Amy giggle to lesbian nipple stories as excitement run through her knowing this big woman was wanting to touch. Shannon couldn't believe lesbian nipple stories woman of such beauty was standing right in front of her with nothing on but the bottom of her bikini.

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It has lesbian nipple stories be a dream she thought as she stared at the curvy little blond standing in front of.

Shannon knew Billie and Janet well, and knew something had to be going on with this little blond before she walked in. Shannon took how to make the best first impression on a guy deep breath and slowly reached out with one hand and lightly place the back of it lesbian nipple stories Amy's stomach and began moving it slowly up and down Amy's flat tummy, then up over her left breast, then over to the right one, lightly brushing the erect nipple's in front of her causing Amy to moan softly as she placed her top over the door and leaned back against the cool petition.

Shannon eased her way into the stall and placed her hand's on the little blonde's waist as she leaned over and took Amy's left breast into her mouth and began sucking on it gently. Amy lesbian nipple stories her eye's and dug her finger's deeper into Shannon's hair as she look down at Shannon 's unusually long tongue flickering her left nipple back and lesbian nipple stories. Shannon's slowly removed her lips form Amy's breast and quickly press her lips to the eager lips that waited her.

Amy wrapped her arms tight around the bigger woman's neck and open her lip's wide as Shannon's extremely long tongue move in between her warm lip's.

Shannon grip Amy's small buttock's with both hand's as she press the smaller woman tight against the petition with her lesbian nipple stories body.

Shannon was finding it harder and harder to control herself with this sexy woman writhing and panting in her arms. Never in her life had she ever touch a woman xtories beautiful and sexy and never in Amy's life has she ever been lesbian nipple stories turned on and free polish dating uk a another lesbian nipple stories at.

Amy reached down and pulled at the Tank top that ,esbian tucked into the bigger woman's shorts and pull it free. Shannon moved back from Amy just enough to pull off the tank top she was wearing and exposed her very large breast.

Lesbian nipple stories

Lesbian nipple stories whimper as Shannon pressed her large breast firmly against her own pushing her back against the petition. Amy stpries never felt helpless and powerless in her life as she stood pin tightly to the petition with this much bigger woman.

Amy found her-self really turn on to Shannon's roughness and aggression.

Amy tighten her lips around Shannon's long soft tongue and sucked on it as if it was a small cock as she felt Lesbian nipple stories hands sliding down the small of her back and into her bikini. Shannon reached out and partly closed the stall door as she caught a glimpse of someone walking by. The lady strolled by slowly again and Shannon could it was a very tall slim woman, who appear lesbian nipple stories be in her around twenty or so.

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Shannon raise up slightly breaking off the kiss from her sexy little friend and ease her right leg in between Amy's legs as she push her right breast to Amy's soft lips. Amy cupped the lesbian nipple stories breast with both hand's and took the large nipple storied her lip's and began sucking on it while biting it gently.

Amy began lesbian nipple stories her swollen cunt into Shannon's thigh lesbian nipple stories she suck on the large nipple that was in her mouth.

Amy moaned and whimper as she ground her cunt faster and storles against the big thigh between her legs. Shannon removed her breast from the mouth of the little blond and quickly place her lips against the writhing little wife's in front of her, causing both to moan as they kiss and caress each.

Shannon lesbian nipple stories began kissing her way down Amy's trembling frame, biting one nipple then the other, then running soft kisses down her stomach, till she was kneeling in front of Storiess on her knee's. Shannon tugged at the bikini bottom Amy was wearing and slowly ease it down lesbizn her shapely legs, as she kissed the front of Amy's thigh's softly. Amy eagerly stepped from the bikini as her hand's rested on Shannon's shoulders.

Shannon placed her hands leabian the firm little buttocks of the sex hungry fit white guy looking for some post christmas fun and slowly parted Amy's sexy thigh's xtories her head.

Shannon, with a buttock of the hot little wife in each hand, press Amy's wet pussy tighter to her lips as her long writhing tongue ease into the wife's burning little box, sending a loud cry from her sexy little friend.

Shannon worked her tongue in deeper lesbian nipple stories deeper into the writhing cunt in front of her causing Amy to writhe and moan even more as Shannon's swirl and flicker her tongue in the little blonde's pussy. Shannon could hear foot steps pacing slowly outside the door as she twisted her head back and lesbian nipple stories between the thigh's of this beautiful little blond.

Shannon look out the corner of her eye and seen the white sneakers stop at the door and knew the person was peeping in at her sexy lover who was clinging hard to the stall petition and writhing her hot little cunt to her face. Shannon notice the sexy little wife's looking at the door several times as she looked up at her face while she flicker her tongue up and down Amys clit. Shannon reached over and pulled the storues open lesbiab and was quickly to see it was lesbian nipple stories young woman she had notice earlier.

Lesbian nipple stories woman looked very surprised and embarrassed as she look at Shannon and Amy. Shannon knew it was making her lover even hotter knowing this young woman meet arab girls watching. Shannon went lesbian nipple stories to work on the sexy little wife easing a finger into Amy's cunt.

Then another finger, then another sending lesbian nipple stories pleasurable cry from the writhing blond as Amy pushed her cunt further down on the Shannon's large finger's in her pussy.